Can I Link A Blackboard Rubric To A Content Area?

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1. Rubrics | Blackboard Help
Rubrics | Blackboard Help
Rubrics. You are viewing Ultra Course View content … You can associate rubrics with assignments and discussions. At this time, you can only associate …

2. Using Rubrics in Blackboard – Answers – Syracuse University

Rubrics can be used with the following content: Assignments; Essays, short answer, and file response test questions; Blogs and journals; Wikis …

3. Associating a Rubric – USC Blackboard Help

Associating a Rubric

Discussion board forums and threads. You can also associate a rubric in the Grade Center by selecting Edit Column Information from the column’s contextual menu.

4. Blackboard: Adding a Course Link to a Content Area

Blackboard: Adding a Course Link to a Content Area


5. Rubrics | Blackboard at KU

Rubrics A rubric is an assessment tool that lists evaluation criteria (rows) and achievement levels (columns). These correspond to point values on a …

6. Adding a Rubric to an Assignment | Blackboard Learn – Sites

This guide will demonstrate how to add an interactive rubric to an … that you wish to edit, and hover over the link for the assignment.

7. Blackboard Rubrics Quick Guide


8. Blackboard Assignment and Rubric Tools – The Center for …

Blackboard Assignment and Rubric Tools

Create an assignment, and connect the rubric to it. Open Course Materials in Blackboard (unless you have already created another Assignments content area).

9. Adding a Rubric to a Blackboard Assignment – YouTube

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10. Creating and Using Blackboard Rubrics

How to Create a Rubric. Clicking on “Create Rubric” will open up a matrix of rows and columns. The rows correspond to the various criteria of an assignment.

11. Interactive Grading Rubrics in Blackboard

your rubric will contain three columns of achievement levels (Novice, Competent, … Assessments button in one of your content areas, connecting a rubric is …

12. Interactive Rubrics: A Blackboard Tool for Planning and Grading

Once you create a rubric in your course, you can associate it with as many assignments as you like. The second area for creating rubrics in …

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